Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Thing 3

OMG! Thing 3(aka princess stepson) has gotten in trouble for the umpteenth time at school. Teacher called today for the umpteenth time fed up cuz thing 3 told her he would act even worse if she dared to send him to the office and when she told him to sit in the chair next to her desk he went and sit in HERS! Okay seriously if that was Thing 2 or Thing 3 somebody would be calling the LAW cuz i would be beating serious ass! Sirworksalot is in there talking to him about what he is feeling and if he feels his personal space is being compromised....WTF??? Seriously???

The last time this teacher tried to send him to the office the child refused to go and they had to bring someone up from the office to drag his stubborn ass down......if i had my say he would still be walking sideways from me beating his ass over that!

This is why grown people smoke weed....i'm convinced of it.


  1. ugh! Must have been too much for Sirworksalot....he has retired to his bubble bath and says he needs some space....I think I married a gay man. :(

  2. But being married to a gay man has perks, right? I mean, after all, he picks out your outfits, cooks amazing haute cuisine, decorates your house and loves Cher right? If not, you're probably just married to a dude, sorry.