Friday, January 29, 2010

Where the hell is Wii Sex?

They have Wii fit and Wii baseball, but where the hell is Wii Sex? I could go for some Wii sex. I am sick of breaking up with the shower head. I need something interactive, is that to much to ask for? Sheesh...


  1. So let's say they have this. What would the different games be on wii sex?

    Find the g-spot?
    Battle of the blow jobs?
    Spanking 101?

  2. OOOH, battle of the G-spots, Fo Sho!

  3. no, no , no

    They would be conquests, dreams or challenges to woo the affections of some lover. At least in my mind. And it would be forbidden.
    Such a deviation from marital life. ;)

  4. Conquests, fo sho. I strive to fuck my way to the top of the leader board!

  5. yeah....i broke up with myself this week...i don't even want to screw me anymore. :(